"...You are here laying a foundation for the future of India and you are performing a very sacred duty. All that I want to say is don't be contented with what you have achieved. The law of nature is either you move forward or you have to move backward. Therefore, if you want to move forward, you have to constantly work hard with determination and devotion..."

Shri G.D. Birla

Birla Public School,Pilani is ranked India’s No.6 Residential School out of 600 high profile schools of the country in the EducationWorld India School Rankings 2012

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XXIX All India IPSC Swimming Championship for Boys 2014-15
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HIGHEST SCORE IN COMMERCE STREAM  :     PRADEEP                                         -   95.2%  (476/500)
ENGLISH                                 :         13 STUDENTS
CHEMISTRY                           :        20 STUDENTS
COMPUTER SC.                     :        07 STUDENTS
INFO. PRACTICES                :        08 STUDENTS
PHYSICAL EDU.                   :        30 STUDENTS
BUSINESS STUD.                  :       08 STUDENTS
ACCOUNTANCY                   :       04 STUDENTS
ENTREPRENEURSHIP-          :      03 STUDENTS    
AVERAGE AGGREGATE % (SCIENCE)      :        80.14%

Nestled in the desert sands of the Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan. The B.P.S is an oasis which unfolds its treasure to a fabulous world of knowledge. I hope this prospectus will give  prospective parents and students a flavour of  what Birla Public School is all about.
B.P.S has all the infrastructure and facilities that makes a full fledged Public School and these are being maintained and updated on regular basis. We have four computer laboratories, a vibrant music department and art and craft center and ‘Panchwati’ ‘Yoga Centre’,’ Saraswati Temple’,’Shiv Ganga’  for multifarious creativity. Unparalleled sports facilities- the mid terms trips, treks, mountaineering  to develop love for outdoor life etc. Academic growth of boys is our mantra and guiding principle. The list is endless.
 It is important to prepare the children before sending them to a   Boarding School. The child should be convinced about the usefulness of Boarding School Life. In my opinion a residential School has many advantages. It inculcates in children an attitude of ‘Caring and Sharing’ and a sense of independent living, decision making and value for money. It teaches the child the art of self learning and self preparation for the examinations. The child learns to live a spartan life   which makes him tough enabling him to progress without being a slave to materialistic comforts. Living together with other children creates a feeling of brotherhood and helps to develop leadership qualities. The hectic schedule involving both academics and co-curricular activities keeps him pre occupied in a constructive manner. Infact at times, it is felt that there is so much to do, with no time at all. Thus it teaches him Time Management early in life.
BPS is committed to producing gentlemen who can be of service and value to society and shape as leaders of our great nation and who can be the true epitome of our motto Shradha, Gyan and Karam.
Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen (Retd.)

School Activities (April - August  2014 )

August 2014

1.Book Fair was held in the Vijay Hall of the school from 30th July 1 Aug 2014..It was sponsored by Scholastic India and Book Tractor Private Limited. The boys of all the three sections purchased the books.

2.Inter House Football Middle( final).The final match of the tournament was played between Gurunanak House and Buddha House on 5th August,2014 at 4.30pm.The Chief Guest on the occasion was Capt.Alokesh Sen .Both the teams left no stone unturned to score goals and secure points for their teams but luck smiled on Gurunanak House and as a result of better coordination and display they were able to beat Buddha House and bagged the Football trophy with the score of (1-0).

3.Around 120 students participated in the Model United Nation hosted by Birla Public School from 7th August,2014 to 9th August,2014 in the Vivekananda House of Middle Section, Birla Public School. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Honourable Director,B.E.T.Maj.Gen.S.S.Nair.He complimented the Birla Public School for initiating this mega event which is very much an academic one. He urged the participants to take part with interest and curiosity as it would pave the way for the inner skills of an individual such as debating and preparing oneself to flower out. The closing ceremony of MUN, BPS was held on Saturday, 9th August, 2014 in the Vijay Hall of the school. Here, the children were given certificates and prizes for their excellent performance in all the committees concerned by Mr.Daniel the world Director of MUN.

4.Teaching –Learning Exchange Programme. Two teachers and fifteen boys from Birla Shishu Vihar visited Middle Section from 11th August and fifteen boys from Middle section visited Birla Shishu Vihar and took part in the teaching learning process over there. On the whole, the entire programme was very enriching and informative for the students and the teachers

5.-Three students escorted by Mr. A.K.Ray,the Art Teacher went to participate in the International Art Festival held in the Birla Balika Vidyapeeth at8.30am.The festival lasted for six days (from 11th to 16th Aug.14).In this the students were highly benefitted as they were given an exposure to International Art being presented over there by International artists.

6.The 68th Independence Day was celebrated with great interest and enthusiasm on Friday,15th August,2014 at 7.45am in the Junior Section playground of the school. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Honorable Principal Capt. (IN) Alokesh Sen.The Guest of Honour was Mr. A.K.Ray,the senior most teacher of the school. The Chief Guest hoisted the flag and took the salute. He gave good wishes to one and all present over there.Besides,he urged the younger generation to work tirelessly for our motherland without any personal lust so that our country may become one of the leading countries of the world that everyone would look up to.

7. All India IPSC soccer tournament U-17 was played from 15-08-14 to 19-08-14 I’m L.K.S. Gotan. Our team participated in the tournament and secured runners-up position.The Final match was played between BPS Pilani and DPS RK Puram in which we lost the Match by 2-3

8. The Inter House Aquatic Meet was held from Monday,18th August to 20th August,2014.The heats for various events were conducted on 18th and 19th of August whereas the finals of the events were conducted on 20th of August,2014.The Inter House Aquatic Trophy for the session was bagged by Kanad House in Senior, Mahavir House. In Middle and Bal House in Junior

9. The Inter House Cultural Programme of Middle Section was conducted on Monday,25th and Tuesday,26th August,14 in the Vijay Hall of the school. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mr.P.S.Rajpurohit,Headmaster,Junior Section .The Judges for the above competition were Mrs.Deepika Shekhawat,Mr.R.K.Mishra and Mr. Jaskaran Singh respectively. The judges watched the performance of the boys very minutely and judiciously placed Dayanand House,Buddha House,Gurunanak House and Mahavir House on first,second,third and fourth positions respectively.

10. The Tenth All India Vidya Niketan (Birla Public School, Pilani (Raj.) Diamond Jubilee Memorial English Debate was conducted on 31st August,2014 in the School Auditorium (Vijay Hall). Mr. Sant Saran Mantri, IRS Commissioner Income Tax, Bangaluru who is an alumnus of Birla Public School was the Chief Guest. 23 reputed schools across the country participated in the debate. The judges for the debate were Col (Retd) Kamalakar Mukherjee, (Army Educational Corps) an eminent educationist, Dr Rajesh Kothari a professor in RA Poddar Institute of Management Jaipur and Prof Umesh Dhyani Prof in Humanities BITS Pilani.. The debate was conducted in two phases. Students of eight schools were selected for the main debate on the basis of their performance in the screening round. The topic for the debate which was given to the debaters one hour in advance was “Importance of Learning English in India is overstated .Ashwin Mishra of Birla School, Pilani and Anushna Sen of Birla Balika Vidyapeeth secured first position close on their heels was Shrishti Chaudhury of Birla Balika Vidya Peeth who stood second. The third position was bagged by Pranshu Nagpal of O.P Jindal School, Hissar. Fourth position was shared by Amritenshu Das of Raj Kumar College Rajkot and Nishkarsh Gujral of Birla School, Pilani. Fifth position was bagged by Kundan Ahuja of Raj Kumar College, Raipur.

July 2014

1. The inauguration of the newly constructed Vivekananda House was done by the Honorable Director, Major General (Retd.) S.S.Nair on 9th July 2014.

2. A one week workshop on Archery was conducted in the school from Saturday, 12th July, 2014 to Sunday, 19th July, 2014.

3. A magic show conducted by Mr.N.C.Sarcar and his team was shown to the students of Middle Section on Tuesday, 29th July, 2014 in the Vijay Hall of the school at 3.30pm

4. Eid was celebrated with great interest on Tuesday, 29th July; 2014.A special Godhuli was organized on this occasion .Prof Jamil Akhtar from CEERI gave a talk on the importance of this festival.

5. The students of Middle Section went to attend the Mock Drill of Fire fighting at 5.30pm today in the Junior Section playground

6. Vyas house won the Inter House Volleyball tournament for the year 2014-15 by defeating Vasistha House in the Finals. Lt.Col. Shoukat Ali the Bursar of the school was the Chief Guest on this Occasion

7. Sahodaya Hindi Debate. Two boys namely Shekhar Singh and Navdeep Budhwar of class XII participated in Sahodaya Hindi debate conducted by Dundlod Vidyapeeth Jhunjhnu on 31 July 2014.

April 2014

1. PARENT’S TEACHER MEET:- A Parent’s Teacher Meeting was held on 12th April 2014.Parents reported were briefed about the performance of their wards by the teachers.

2. Dr. Navin Singh from BITS Pilani talked to science students of class XI and XII about the discovery of structure of DNA and Zipping and Unzipping action of DNA

3.Career Counselling Brigadier Rajbeer Singh addressed the IX –XII Class boys in AV Room 14th and, 15th April, 2014

4.IPSC (Under-14) Soccer Tournament BPS U/14 soccer team was declared as the runners up for the IPSC U/14 Soccer tournament played at Valsad Gujrat

5. SKIT ON LANGUAGE DAY:- A skit on Language Day was presented on 23rd April 2014. The title of the skit was LOAN WORDS IN ENGLISH.

6. Dr. Anshuman Dalvi of BITS Pilani talked to class XI and XII science group about the historical development of the Battery. He explains about the working of batteries and Challenges in manufacturing of the batteries at Nano-Scale and for space satellite.

7. CCE Workshop - The teachers of BPS attended a workshop on CCE ON Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th April,2014 from 8.30amto 4.30pm

8. Spic Macay The students witnessed the presentation of Sitar by Mr.Shubhendra Rao,the Sitar Maestro,a disciple of Pandit Ravishankar, assisted on Tabla by Mr. Akram Khan under the banner of Spic Macay on Monday,28th April,2014 in the Vijay Hall of the school.

9. Inter House Football Tournament senior section was played from 26-30 April 2014.The final match was played on 3oth April between Vashishta and Vyas House. Vashishst won the Inter House football trophy by beating Vyas House by the score of 2-1.

     Birla Public School Declared as
TOP 6th Boarding School in the Country


our alumni Mr. Vinod Rai, Ex. CAG of India                                                      our alumni General V K Singh(Retd.)